The first step towards a successful advertising campaign is to identify the potential user basins.

CA.ST. GROUP has created an original method, tested and perfected over years of experience, which is capable of collecting and working out data, allowing the evaluation of the customer’s impact before opening a new sales point, the exact definition of the interested territory and the identification of ideal users for the distribution of advertising material based on specified times and distances, avoiding superimpositions with neighbouring user basins.
This is obtained considering the number of residents, of homes, the particular conformation of the territory and eventual changes caused by the presence of competitors in the same area.

To optimize the effect of a marketing campaign you must define with extreme accuracy the catchment areas towards which you are orienting your strategy.

The activity of Geomarketing of CA.ST. GROUP aims to optimize catchment areas for interested target, promoting an effective use of budget, providing a targeted strategy for customer care and for the definition of the best advertising able to reach the predefined target.


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