Study of Feasibility

Our feasibility studies are addressed to Companies and Privates who need a professional support for corporate choices regarding local, national and international expansion/renewal.
The optimal choice of a “good” location for a new store is the basis for economic success.

Based on the customer’s need, we analyse the geographic interested areas, through:

  • Needs individuation through telephone/ or face to face interviews , on web (social networks)
  • Analysis of the habits of local users, knowledge and frequency of the competitors, interests and expectations for new commercial realities
  • Area’s competitor mapping
  • Mystery shopping activities by competitors
  • Studies of attraction areas including distances and travelling time.
  • Survey of the number of families resident in municipalities/district.
  • Registration of “traffic generator” of attendance such as meeting  places in free time, schools, shopping centres, etc..
  • Geomarketing with elaboration of the real catchment area

This feasibility study provides practical elements that support development plans even for the small and medium enterprises and consent to strongly reduce the risk of strong investment.


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