Our story begins in 1993 and is characterized by close cooperation with one of the leading groups of German Retail organizations.

This experience made us grow on the Italian market as a leader for qualified marketing services .

Thanks to the know-how developed over the years, CA.ST. GROUP provides its customers with a mix of professional services, complete and customizable.

“Our company is not following patterns and practices, but we diversified our activities according to the needs of each customer,” explains Ing. Carola Stenger, CEO of CA.ST. GROUP Srl.

How does CA.ST. GROUP work?

“We work in a team, collaborating with various consultants and experts who integrate our specific skills and professional experience providing to various companies a comprehensive support of 360°”.

“The Force of CA.ST. GROUP” is, continues Ing. Carola Stenger, being sure that “there are no valid methods and approaches worth to be applied universally, but there are theories, tools, techniques and different applications, which need to be fitted with sensitivity and professionality to the characteristics of the single customers”.