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Marketing 4.0

Marketing 4.0

Being up-to-date on market trends, competitors and customers’ needs, requires market research both to monitor your target and to develop new products and services, as well as to create start-ups for new activities.
For this reason, in addition to our traditional market research, we have also developed an online survey service.
We carry out this type of survey on the main social networks, through e-mail marketing and online panels. We collaborate with major database providers in different countries, and for companies that do not have a database of customers to contact, we have a large panel of people available that allows us to reach a specific target group.


Online surveys can achieve different objectives, such as:

Our professional tools for creating online surveys allow us to develop tailor-made online questionnaires for each sector, as requested by our customers.

With this type of online survey, we can quickly process and analyze the answers given by a very specific target.

What are the benefits of online market research?
What sources do we use to create effective and valid online surveys?
Depending on the goal to be achieved, we use different sources.

1. Social channels:

We mainly target our customers’ followers on social networks such as Facebook and/or Instagram, or consumers who have downloaded specific APPs to connect with a brand or a company.
In some cases, we carry out our surveys through sponsored operations on social networks.

2. Panel of selected people:

We achieve successful results through consumer panels profiled to meet specific target requests. Through the partner panel provider, we have 1.7 million people available in Italy, spread across the country. Our panel members are profiled through more than 300 selection criteria, covering all sectors.
Effective profiling and monitoring of the integrity of the panels (for both existing and new panels) are the basis for ensuring quality online surveys, allowing us to collect, monitor and process information.
In Europe we carry out online surveys, also in parallel in 10 different languages: German, English, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch and we are able to deliver our service in over 150 countries.