Market Researches

Since 1993 we conduct ad hoc researches, based on the needs of our customers and we offer a complete and streamlined service at international and national level on behalf of small and large enterprises (retail, manufacturing, food and beverage, auto industry, hotels, services, luxury,  public utilities).

Our market researches is  an essential service to monitor the satisfaction of the clients, to analyse their  consumer behaviour, and locate eventual problems tied to the sale point, to a whole network, to the products and the services offered.

We perform research in the brand awareness sector to verify how recognizable a brand is and the conditions of a market in evolution. Through our analysis we provide concrete answers on the brands performance, its positioning on the market compared to the competitors and the customer expectations.

The market research is chosen considering the objective of the single purchaser and could be the following options:

  • direct interviews face to face
  • telephone interviews
  • interviews on web and social network
  • mystery shopping
  • focus groups
  • product test

We don’t use a standard  questionnaire: each research is specifically personalized for Your needs. All recorded informations are placed in database, ensuring total transparency of collected aspects. The final analysis will provide precious elements for your Company


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