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Online Researches

This survey of a random sample of people aimed at finding out what people think about a restaurant located in the province of Pistoia.

Online interviews were conducted on a sample of people living in the provinces of Prato and Pistoia, as the restaurant is located in between these two provinces.

The questions aimed at highlighting:

  • the eating-out habits of those interviewed
  • the type of cuisine they prefer
  • any problems that led them to no longer go to the restaurant
  • the opinion of restaurant-goers about the restaurant itself
  • where the customers originate from

People interviewed: 200 – 102 women and 98 men

Age group: 25-70

Number of questions: 12

Date of survey: 21/28 January

An analysis of the online survey showed quite clearly that most people eat out from 1 to 3 times a week, preferably in the evening and on weekends.

80% said that they eat pizza when they eat out, and people who go to the restaurant in question said they go there to enjoy traditional cuisine.

The percentage of those who know the restaurant is very low, i.e. 29% of those who answered yes.

The improvement actions identified will be to develop a re-marketing strategy in both provinces covered by the survey, dedicating special promotions to those who work nearby in order to encourage lunch breaks, and to entice nearby customers to order take-away food.