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Mystery Shopping

Paying attention to end-user expectations and constantly measuring staff performance are key to the development of successful marketing strategies and consolidation of a brand.
Cast group mystery shopping

In order to estimate the efficiency and effectiveness of a service, the best way is to put yourself on the consumer’s side, living the purchasing experience in first person and therefore understanding the benefits and defects of the service with objectivity and truthfulness.

According to the business sector to be monitored, the Mystery Shopper is engaged in purely commercial businesses such as stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, and also operates in all those sectors that offer services, such as automotive, banks, insurance companies, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels etc.


The CA.ST. GROUP mystery shoppers, selected at a national and international level, are trained in a qualified way and profiled according to the target of interest.

The fundamental activity involves periodic and absolutely anonymous visits to our customer’s branches or those of their competitors, pretending to be an ordinary customer, simulating requests for information or for the purchase of a product and/or service, always according to a behavioral script which has been defined during a briefing with the customer.

Some of the aspects analyzed by our mystery shopping service are:
All the information is then processed through assessment forms that have been predefined together with the customer, in order to achieve different goals: to solve the problems that have emerged, to preserve the sale volumes and to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of customers.

For each mystery shopping activity, we develop personalized progress reports that will be analyzed and commented with the customer, sharing strategies for improvements.
Our mystery shopping service offers companies the opportunity to measure an entire company network, both nationally and internationally, by using the same yardstick for monitoring the results, with the aim of standardizing corporate behavioral standards.

Thanks to our customized software for each client, it is possible to collect the data of the visits entered, and make comparisons (in the same POS, after some time, for individual geographical areas). We then create a history that allows us to measure the results of your business over time, and to solve any problems that have emerged, intervening on the staff with training, incentive and motivation support, which is created ad hoc and held by our partners, who are specialists and accredited in the sector.
We also carry out the mystery shopping service to test other types of services and shopping experiences, outside the physical context of a store such as:

We also carry out Video Mystery Shopping activities through the video recording (if authorized by the staff) of mystery shopping visits, through the use of special devices that have hidden micro-cameras inside.
Mystery Videos certainly also allow you to analyze the emotional sphere of a visit, thus transforming the feelings of Mysterious Customers into measurable results, documenting both the verbal and non-verbal aspects of the interaction between a sales consultant and your customer.

We operate internationally and we are members of MSPA – Mystery Shopping Professionals Association.