Geomarketing - face-to-face interviews - Mystery Shopping - Cast group - strategie di comunicazione mirate

Geomarketing – face-to-face interviews – Mystery Shopping

The aim of this study was to detect the needs and interests of those living in the catchment area regarding the opening of a new shop linked to the large-scale food retail trade.

The study consisted of 3 levels:

  • Telephone and face-to-face interviews
  • Analysis of the competition using the Mystery Shopping Service
  • Geomarketing activities

Each level was defined by the actions to be carried out and the objectives to be achieved.

The telephone and street interviews were administered on a random sample of 200 respondents by our specialised staff, aimed at identifying:

  • Food shopping habits and needs
  • Actual frequency of food shopping
  • The primary needs relating to individual product categories
  • Expectations relating to a new shop in the area
  • Measurement of the level of brand awareness
  • Company opinions and level of satisfaction
  • The habits of frequenting competitors in the area
  • The identification of needs and satisfaction with regard to business types or complementary services

The analysis of the competition through the Mystery Shopping service was carried out with competitors in the same area where the new shop is located, analysing the quality of the various departments present, the number of checkouts available and the number of receipts issued.

The data collected from the interviews were entered into a database designed specifically for the questionnaire, which allowed to check and validate data and to process statistics.

The data collected from the 3 survey levels defined:


  • High rate of competitors loyalty
  • The main motivation for going to competitors is proximity
  • “Shopping” covers the need for social contact
  • About 28% of respondents expect the opening of a new local shop with affordable prices
  • The new shop does not require a large parking area as only 35% of those interviewed drive to the shop


  • Competitors have a good assortment of products, a nice environment and a wide range of services
  • Medium to large sized shops are more impressive
  • Staff appeared friendly in competitors’ shops


The property of the new shop is located in a residential street, but not a main thoroughfare

  • There are activities nearby that do not encourage social contacts
  • The area is well served with commercial businesses of other sectors